Saturday, January 5, 2008

Make that 34 ...

The things you find while surfing, much too late, on a Saturday night.

Found this amazing poem here:

This is WONDERFUL. New Year's Assignment for the Universe - everyone try to write their own, personal version of this.

33 Names of Grace

1.Two women in front of the mantle
weeping public promises in a crowded room.

2.The son in your arms
not born of your body.

3.The son in your arms
not expected from your body.

4.The second marriage.

5.The first warm breeze.

6.The cat on your chest at 5 AM,
even though she is just cold.

7.The words that wait until you are ready.

8. The God who waits until you are ready.

9.Colombian coffee with cream.

10.The notes of the song he wooed you with
Rising from the basement at midnight.

11.Ancient words, known rote
Suddenly shocking.

12.The green of northern lights.

13.The stars reflected in water.

14.Carrying a canoe on your shoulders
And tossing it into the next lake, alone.

15.A tent that doesn’t leak.

16.A car that always starts.

17.The one who exclaims your beauty at 6 AM.

18.The base of the mountain peak, looking up.

19.The noon breeze in the desert.

20.The thimble of cardamom coffee
in a Bedouin woman’s tent at sunset.

21.Hot tea with fresh mint and sugar.

22.The fountain pen that works on the first try.

23.The infant girl, each hair an exclamation point.

24.The old woman in a rocking chair,
white hair brushed back in soft waves.

25.A child reaching into the baptismal font
To soak his own head with water.

26.The blue moonlight on snow.

27.A new calendar.

28.Raspberries from the backyard.

29.The year after your dog
Has reached her breed’s lifespan.

30.A ring not binding.

31.A fresh mango.

32.The first time you taste cilantro,
or ginger.

33.The heavy heartbeat of wings lifting.

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