Monday, April 7, 2008

Forgiveness #2 ...

Then I read this article on magical thinking in Psychology Today.

Even though I'm taking these quotes out of context to some degree, they explain why such a huge part of my sickness last spring came from this terrible conviction I was being punished for something:

But you are wired to find meaning in the world, a predisposition that leaves you with less control over your beliefs than you may think....Survival requires recognizing patterns—night follows day, berries that color will make you ill. And because missing the obvious often hurts more than seeing the imaginary, our skills at inferring connections are overtuned. ... We look for patterns because we hate surprises and because we love being in control.

Those sentences, for me, help explain why my poor bruised brain and heart jumped to the conclusions they did ... and enable me to take a second look at the verity of those conclusions.

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