Monday, February 18, 2008

The Last Psychiatrist: What Else Causes Suicide?

In which I take the semiotic logic of medication induced suicidality to its inevitable, silly end. Using nothing more than a Volvo. And without lawyers.

With the recent news that anticonvulsants double the rate of suicide, I got to thinking: isn't Klonopin (clonazepam) an FDA approved anticonvulsant?

Sure, it has different pharmacology than the other 11 studied, but Lamictal, Lyrica, Depakote, etc are equally different. So if we're going to pretend that we never had to take pharmacology in med school, if we're talking class effect, then Klonopin gets the warning.

Which may mean that all benzos should get the warning, since, well...

But why stop there? Antidepressants carry the warning across pharmacology. SSRIs, TCAs-- even Seroquel has the warning ONLY because it's now an "antidepressant" for bipolar disorder. Again, the FDA would like us to pretend that doctors had every M, W, F 9am-10am off in med school. We're not postulating the pharmacology is the cause, since they are all different-- we're saying it's a class effect. Ok, well, what else is an antidepressant?

Well, a number of medicines not FDA approved. Lithium, even though that's supposed to reduce suicide. CBT or other therapies? They must ultimately act on some biological pathway, right?

...inevitably, there can only be one conclusion: psychiatry causes suicide. You are all on notice.

And so, reductio ad absurdum, let's all stop this nonsense.

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