Monday, February 18, 2008

Spread The Love NOW winner: A Sense of Equinity

A Sense of Equinity

Animal Cops Houston, a reality show on Animal Planet, showed a story about 3 neglected and deprived horses being rescued.

One morning the Houston SPCA gets a call about a few mistreated horses in a stable. When they go to check, they see a terrible sight. Three extremely weak horses were found barely standing in the stables. They didn't have food, nor water. And they were almost skeletal. The experts on that show said that it takes about 6 months of food deprivation for a horse to get in that state.

One horse, Playboy 2000, in particular was in an alarming state. He was the weakest of the lot. One could see almost every bone in his body. He had scars all over his body, which was evidence that he was beaten and tortured. His name was branded on his body, by using the most rudimentary methods. He seemed like he was on the verge of collapsing. The worst thing that the SPCA saw over there was, a barn full of hay, in sight of the horses. The horses could see the hay, but they couldn't reach it.

This was the worst form of torture a hungry being can be subjected to. Imagine being hungry and tied up for weeks, and you can see plenty of food nearby, but you cannot reach it.The horses, in their quest for nourishment, had gnawed off the wooden railings of their stables. It was pitiful to watch, and understandably, the SPCA people were furious. When they questioned the owner, he mentioned he owned one horse, while his father owned the other two. They were apparently training the horses for rodeo championships. It took all of the chief officers resolve not to smack that owner right there.

Fortunately the horses were confiscated and taking to the SPCA clinic for immediate treatment. The doctor, a lady, was shocked to see the horses in such a state. She was particularly worried about Playboy 2000, for he looked the worst. They immediately started the treatment, and provided food for the horses, but it seemed Playboy was giving up the battle. He collapsed in the stable, while still chewing the hay. A fully grown horse, collapsing down, holding onto the hay in its mouth for fear of letting go, and trying to chew as much as he could to survive. Talk about the effects of cruelty to animals.

It took almost all of the crew to lift the poor horse up and put him in slings, so his body weight could be supported by the harness. His legs were too weak to support him, and lying down would damage his vital organs. Some of the staff volunteered to stay back, and see the horses through the night. It was important that Playboy survived the night.

Miraculously he did. As did the other two horses. Due to the constant treatment by the dedicated SPCA staff, all 3 horses regained their strength, and health. The owners were arrested on charges of cruelty to animals. They were fined, the horses taken away from them, and they were ordered community service.

Playboy steadily regained his health, and was later adopted by a lady.

After a few months, the SPCA doctor went to check his progress, and was astounded to see the complete recovery of a horse who everyone thought would die. He was up to his prime health, well muscled, well fed. All his wounds had healed. The scars were just a reminder of the terrible ordeal he had gone through for many months. But he wasn't complaining. His new owner was treating him well, she loved him a lot, and he loved her in return.

To show the doctor, she saddled him up, and took him riding. It was tearful to watch him fully fit, doing the rounds, working his muscles, and listening to every word his new owner was telling him, trying to heed to every command.

He was a beautiful horse, and the owner mentioned that there was no regret, anger, or sadness in him regarding his ordeal. He had a big heart, he was very loving, and keen to please his new owner.

This story is not about the cruelty that human beings can inflict on creatures they deem lesser than themselves.

It is also not about the compassion, and kindness shown by SPCA to rescue the ill treated, and bringing them back to health.

This story is also not about the generous new owner, who adopted a tortured animal and treated him as her own, giving him a new lease of life.

This story is about the horse, Playboy 2000, so you better hear it from the horse's mouth.

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