Monday, February 18, 2008

The Urban Monk: Loneliness - The Beginning of Romance

If that's the case ... I've been "beginning" for years! When does the romance part start???

The Urban Monk writes:

When we are in the depths of our loneliness, what comforts us – what could possibly take us away from it? What, indeed? So often, it feels like there is no solace; like we are running from our own shadow. And it is true, in a way. There is no escape from being alone. We are always alone. But there is a way out of loneliness.

All our efforts at escaping loneliness are fundamentally flawed, for we don’t understand the nature of what we are running from. There is something beautiful about your loneliness. And when you see that, when you acknowledge it, learn to delight in it, that’s when something shifts inside you. When your loneliness becomes aloneness - that is freedom! That is when you can truly begin to Love!

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