Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How I Spent My Nervous Breakdown

In her column this morning, Therese Borchard of Beyond Blue talks about the importance of humor in healing. I think you can tell you're on the road to recovery when you can find something in your circumstances to laugh about.

With that in mind, here is how I spent my nervous breakdown last year. Handwork helped calm me down ... and the pictures I designed helped me find something to -- if nothing else -- smile grimly at ...

The "Snap Out Of It" picture came out of a book of Mary Engelbreit cross stitch. The folks at group loved it so much I still think I need to make one for the group room/s!

The one below I designed myself. I saw the quote on a bumper sticker and it cracked me up so throughly it was the first project I started on. Which is pretty astonishing, actually, when you consider the only thing keeping me alive at the time was that I couldn't stop crying and shaking long enough to kill myself ...

My dad's been quoting this line from "The Last Angry Man" for years, whenever it seems the universe is conspiring against you. I designed this one myself, too ...

This one's not funny, but I did design it and stitch it up for the people in the outpatient program that saved my life ... and the folks that had yet to come in and sit in those chairs. The quote comes from Joshilyn Jackson's "Gods In Alabama":

And I made this for my therapist -- it's a favorite quote of his:

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