Friday, May 2, 2008

Toronto Sun: They're sick 'n' tired - and working

Study says employers must step up to address mental health issues

Employers need to do more to address the mental health of their employees because too many workers are too sick or stressed to do much more than put their heads down on their keyboards, a new study shows.

The Canadian Mental Health Association is urging employers across the country to accept greater responsibility for their staff.

"Employers must do more to promote a healthy work/life balance, otherwise they, their workers, our economy and society will suffer serious consequences," said Dr. Taylor Alexander, CEO of the CMHA.

The report says 83% of Canadians reported having shown up for work while sick or exhausted. On average, they did so six times in the past year.

An overwhelming 89% who took part in the study say they feel stress-related mental health problems have been increasing over the years.

"Stress, burnout and depression create huge fallout in the workplace that far exceeds taking a sick day here and there. They are part of a continuum that can lead to serious illness," Alexander said.


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