Thursday, May 1, 2008 Meta-Emotions: The Downward Spiral to Unhappiness and How to Avoid Them

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Seeking happiness is getting in the way of happiness.

A strange statement! I thought to myself when I first came across it. And yet the truth is evident, there on so many levels. Some might say seeking means striving, and striving means discontentment with where you are right now. And since the now is all we have, this striving is getting in the way of our happiness.

And that is so true – peace comes from an inner acceptance; accepting whatever is arising inside you. Peace might not come immediately, but it will – for with acceptance something has already begun to change.

But there is another level to this. No one is happy all the time; what if we are unhappy, angry, frustrated? We seek happiness, we run away, instead of accepting it. Almost as an ingrained response, we push the other way – and the trouble begins.

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