Friday, May 2, 2008

LaCrosseTribune: Mental Illness Drives Yale-Educated La Crosse Man From Job As Professor

By Chris Hubbuch, La Crosse Tribune, Wis.

His wants are simple enough.

A decent job. One that would allow him to save a little money, enough to buy a new car, maybe help out his kids, or make a down payment on a small house with room for the books spilling from the shelves on every wall of his cramped public housing apartment on Seventh Street. The only problem is on his resume. There, right above the part-time filing clerk job he has held for the past decade, education: Yale University, summa cum laude, Ph.D.

It's a resume that raises more questions than it answers.

That's part of the problem with mental illness. It isn't always visible, like a missing limb or paralysis. But it's a disability that keeps people like Mark Felker from getting a decent job.

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