Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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A Sense of Equinity

Animal Cops Houston, a reality show on Animal Planet, showed a story about 3 neglected and deprived horses being rescued.

One morning the Houston SPCA gets a call about a few mistreated horses in a stable. When they go to check, they see a terrible sight. Three extremely weak horses were found barely standing in the stables. They didn't have food, nor water. And they were almost skeletal. The experts on that show said that it takes about 6 months of food deprivation for a horse to get in that state.

One horse, Playboy 2000, in particular was in an alarming state. He was the weakest of the lot. One could see almost every bone in his body. He had scars all over his body, which was evidence that he was beaten and tortured. His name was branded on his body, by using the most rudimentary methods. He seemed like he was on the verge of collapsing. The worst thing that the SPCA saw over there was, a barn full of hay, in sight of the horses. The horses could see the hay, but they couldn't reach it. This was the worst form of torture a hungry being can be subjected to. Imagine being hungry and tied up for weeks, and you can see plenty of food nearby, but you cannot reach it.

The horses, in their quest for nourishment, had gnawed off the wooden railings of their stables. It was pitiful to watch, and understandably, the SPCA people were furious. When they questioned the owner, he mentioned he owned one horse, while his father owned the other two. They were apparently training the horses for rodeo championships. It took all of the chief officers resolve not to smack that owner right there.

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