Monday, May 19, 2008 Is Blogging Better Than Prozac?


Yesterday on, Anna Jane Grossman tackles the very heart and soul of personal blogs. Grossman says some may question why people share their deepest thoughts and feelings with strangers online, but the better question is: Why not?

Grossman writes, "Overeating, alcoholism, depression — name the problem and you'll find someone's personal blog on the subject." Grossman spoke to Stacey Kim, whose husband died of pancreatic cancer. "Kim curled up next to her husband and held him as he succumbed to a long battle with pancreatic cancer," Grossman explains. "The next morning, she went online to post about the experience."

Stacey's emotional blogging helped her cope. "Right after he died, people kept asking if I was in therapy," she says."I'd say, 'No, but I have a blog.'"

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